What happens before a treatment?

A patient record is given to you to fill out. It only takes a minute! Problem areas are discussed.

Your posture is assessed. You are then massaged!


Do I have to take all my clothes off?

Most of my clients leave their underwear on, others don't.

It is your decision. Do not forget you will always be covered with a large towel.


I have heard that deep tissue massage is painful?

In the wrong hands, yes!  With me, no!

You may experience a mild level of discomfort, this is usually described as a "good pain".

Which is a mixed sensation of slight discomfort accompanied with a feeling of overwhelming relief!


How will I feel after my massage?

Wonderful! You will feel lighter, less restricted.

You may experience some residual soreness but this will quickly subside.


How frequently should I have a massage?

If you are an elite or amateur sports person you may require a massage on a weekly basis.

I believe that everyone can benefit from a regular massage, no matter what you do.

Come and see me once a month.


Will you visit me at home?

Yes, within a reasonable distance from Cambridge.

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