Sports & relaxation massage will dramatically improve the quality of your life by relieving occupational,

postural & emotional stress.


Sports massage combines deep tissue work & stretching techniques to avoid injury & its recurrence.

Regular massage relieves unbalanced muscles tensions, improving muscular functions & performance.


Relaxation massage is a perfect way to banish the stress & fatigue you have accumulated throughout your busy life.

It is a very gentle form of body work which can have a profound effect on the mind & body.


I treat everybody with a high degree of care & attention.

I always consider your work, your life situation & your sport when treating you.

My approach is holistic, my treatments are unique & designed specifically for you.


You will feel sensational & experience an unbroken night's sleep after just one of my treatments


Sports & relaxation massage can:


Reduce stress & anxiety

Relieve neck & back pain

Improve range of motion

Restore suppleness & elasticity

Speed recovery & healing

Improve circulation


Who can benefit from my treatments? Absolutely everybody! From anyone who sits in front of a computer to a stressed out & tired mum to an amateur sports person, that's who!


I highly recommend a course of treatments to gain maximum benefit.

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